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Many thanks to all who joined us at the 8th annual Family Office Investment Summit 2016 - we look forward to welcoming you all again next year.

Please note the below information refers to the March 2016 Family Office Investment Summit, please check back for updates on the 2017 summit.


The family office model is being eagerly adopted by the ultra-wealthy across the globe. The rise in the number of family offices is primarily being driven by the tremendous worldwide increase in private wealth. Everyone from billionaire hedge fund managers to new tech entrepreneurs are choosing to set up their own single family offices post their liquidity event. It is nearly impossible to gauge the numbers and growth of family offices due to their penchant for privacy. However one thing is for certain: the family office model has a tremendous appeal for the ultra-wealthy. The minimal regulation around investment decisions coupled with anonymity make the model highly sought after.

Commonality amongst family offices is a rarity, and the only thing that has proven to be a common driving force between them is the need to not only preserve wealth but to grow it. Implementing an asset allocation strategy that not only conserves wealth, but augments and grows the family wealth is of the highest importance to family offices. With the unprecedented low returns in the current economic landscape, this has never been such a challenge than it is today.

Now in its 8th year, the 2016 Family Office Investment Summit will address some of the crucial financial planning necessities and tackle some of the most pressing issues being faced by family office CIOs, principals and senior executives as well as cover how professional intermediaries can best serve their private clients. Through a perfect mixture of keynote addresses, panel discussions, live interviews and presentations this event will provide its delegates thought-provoking insights and fireworks in equal measure.


  • Family Office Investment Summit
  • Family Office Investment Summit
  • Family Office Investment Summit
  • Family Office Investment Summit
  • Family Office Investment Summit
  • Family Office Investment Summit


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Each year, the Family Office Investment Summit presents expert insights on the very latest industry developments, with an in-depth conference programme featuring a mixture of sessions and speakers, offering CPD accreditation.
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We strive to create an event built upon your changing needs within such a demanding and constantly evolving industry. 2016 and beyond is set to bring greater challenges following far-reaching changes within the family office world.
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