Paul Reynolds

CEO, Thamesis

Ian Morley

Chairman, Wentworth Hall

Keynote Speakers

Michael Portillo

Former Shadow Chancellor and Member of Parliament

Adam Wethered

Co-founder, Lord North Street


Elton Babameto

Associate Director, Business Development, STOXX

Brian Bartaby

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Proplend

Rico Baumgartner

CEO, Baumgartner Frey Family Office

Jonathan Bell

CIO, Stanhope Capital

James Burchell

Founder, Phoenix Real Estate

Jean-Marc Brisy

Managing Partner, Even Keel Advisors

David Bruce

Sandbourne Asset Management

Mr. Gamil de Chadarevian

Co-Founder and CEO, Method Impact Ltd

Jean-Pierre Casey

Partner, Head of Investment Advisory, Azure Wealth

Jean-Yves Cheareau

Chief Investment Officer, Halkin Investments

Connie Chen

President, Chen Planning Consultants

Edward Collins

Managing Director and CIO, Hanson Family Holdings

Bill Cotter

VC Financial

Michael Crawford

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager Global Equities, Bessemer Trust

Ned El-Imad

Partner, London Wall

Guy Fraser-Sampson

Chief Investment Officer, GP10 Capital Partners

Mohammed Hanif

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Insparo Asset Management

Mohammed Hasan

Principal, Capital VML

Nicolas Hazard

Chairman, Le Comptoir de l’Innovation and Vice-Chairman, Groupe SOS

Raiyan Islam

Chief Executive Officer, Islam Family Office (Cassmark)

Stephen Jones

Chief Investment Officer, Holbein Partners

Stephane Lamoine

Chief Executive Officer, Iskandia Group

Bonny Landers

Founder and Managing Director, Bay Street Consultants

Sandy Loder

Chief Executive, AH Loder Advisers

Carrie Magan

CFO, Exploration Capital

Gary Martin

Director, The Martin Group

Melwin Mehta

Investments, Eloro Family Office

Leoš Novotný

CEO, LEO Express

Bhavik Shah

Co-founder, Director, Niveda Investments

Hamish Sinclair

Director, Stonehage Group

Keith Tomlinson

Director of Research and Portfolio Management, Generation Asset Management

Neil Veitch

Investment Director, SVM Asset Management

Sebastian Verkuilen

Chief Investment Officer, Check6wealth

Leonardo Wengrover

CEO, W Advisors

Per Wimmer

Chief Executive Officer, Wimmer Family Office

Burkhard Wittek

Partner, Forum Family Office

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