Keynote Speakers

The Rt Hon. the Lord David Willetts

Chairman of the Resolution Foundation, former MP and Minister for Universities and Science.

Professor Franklin Allen

Professor of Finance and Economics, Executive Director of the Brevan Howard Centre, Imperial College...


Ian Morley

Chairman, Wentworth Hall


Christopher Rossbach

CIO, J. Stern & Company

Guy Paterson

Partner, Stanhope Capital

Graham Wainer

CEO & Head of Investments, Stonehage Fleming Investment Management

Kevin Corrigan

CIO, Sandaire Investment Office

Yariv Haim

Founder, Sparrows Capital

Jonathan Bell

Chief Investment Officer, Stanhope Capital

Vishaal N.Shah

Chief Investment Officer, Niveda Group

Harry Wulfsohn

Founder, Fleming Wulfsohn Africa

Rupert Boswall

Senior Partner, RPC

Joanna Greenslade

Managing Director, Barwood Capital

Gary Martin

Managing Director, The Martin Group

Dominik Von Eynern

Partner, Blu Family Office

Sasha Bernier

Senior Vice President, Cheltenham Investments

Alexander Felman

Managing Director, Felman Family Office

Marie-Athena Papathanasiou

Director and Principal, Ecoprosperity Capital

Brandon Laughren

Chief Investment Officer, The Laughren Group

Fred Fruitman

Managing Director, Loeb Holding Corporation

Jean-Yves Chereau

Partner,J. Stern & Co

Martin Lally

Managing Director, Key Capital

Boaz Yaari

CEO and Founder, Sharegain

Ian Prideaux

Chief Investment Officer, Grosvenor Estate

Patrick Stutz

Chief Investment Officer, Bayshore Capital Advisors

Michael Dean

Principal, Avamore Capital

Renato Iregui

Chief Executive Officer, Swiss Allied Wealth; Principal for RAIRE SFO

Per Wimmer

CEO, Wimmer Family Office

Marc Hendriks

Chief Global Strategist, Sandaire Investment Office

Boaz Yaari

CEO, Sharegain

Will Bailey

Head of Product,Investcloud

James Hall

Head of UK Distribution, Dolphin Trust

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