Keynote Speakers

The Rt Hon. the Lord Lamont of Lerwick

Former Cabinet Minister,Conservative Party

Sir Howard Davies

Former Director, London School of Economics and Professor, Sciences Po- Paris


Tim Jenkins

Former Global News Presenter and Economics Correspondent, BBC


Per Wimmer

Chief Executive Officer, Wimmer Family Office

Jak Severson

CEO, Thoughtful Media Group

James Hordern

Partner, Head of Investment Research, Stanhope Capital

John Veale

Executive Director, Stonehage

Marc Hendriks

CIO, SandAire

Matt Higgins

Senior Vice President, Pictet

Simon Foster

CFO, TY Danjuma Family Office

Yariv Haim

Founder, Sparrows Capital

Giles White

CIO, Rampart Capital

Christopher Rossbach

CIO, J. Stern & Company

Marta Drummond

Founder, Marta Drummond Strategic Consultant

Anthony Shatz

Partner, RPC

Luis Trevino

Senior Managing Director, Beamonte Investments

Alexander Frick

Director, Tq Holding

Greg Harris

Senior Investment Manager, Maitland

Bhavik Jayendrakumar Shah

Co-founder and Director, Niveda Group

Julian Marwitz


James Hall

Head of product distribution, Dolphin Trust

Caroline Baron

Head of Invesco PowerShares ETF Distribution UK, Invesco Powershares

Charles B. Seidman, CFA

Vice President and Investment Director, Wellington Management

Christian Armbruester

Partner, Blu Family Office

Drew Corbett

Head of International Distribution, ProShares

Peter Planting-GyllenbÄga

CIO, Miro family office

Harley Bassman

Executive Vice President, PIMCO

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